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SnowEx Pedestrian Spreader

Pedestrian Spreader: Pedestrian Spreader Series

Model(s): SD95SS, SD95, SP65, SP85 and SP85SS

SnowEx offers professional-grade products for even the smallest applications. Walk behind spreaders are perfect for sidewalks, entryways, and other residential jobs. Polyethylene-constructed drop spreaders and broadcast spreaders are available to complete any snow and ice management operation.

All SnowEx Walk Behind spreaders feature:

  • Standard hopper cover
  • Top screen
  • Polyethylene construction
  • Stainless steel frame available on select models

SnowEx walk behind spreaders are ideal for distributing bagged ice melters and bagged rock salt, in capacities from 100lbs to 160lbs.

SnowEx Tailgate Spreaders

Tailgate Spreaders: V Box In Bed Spreader Series

Model(s): SP3000, SP6000, SP7550, SP8500, SP8500 High Output, SP9300 and SP9500

The SnowEx line of V-Box in-bed spreaders have carrying capacities ranging from 0.5 to 4 cubic yards and models that can fit in the beds of utility vehicles, pickups, and large trucks.

When it comes to sand and salt spreading, the V-Box by SnowEx leads the snow and ice management industry in every way. SnowEx's in-bed spreaders range in size from our highest capacity V-Maxx series, to the Vee Pro series that are more suited for the smaller contractor.

All V-Box in-bed spreaders feature:

  • Our patented auger system for handling a wide variety or combination of materials
  • Inverted “V” baffle
  • Attached vibrator
  • Quick-connect spinner assembly
  • Independent auger and spinner controls

SnowEx V-Box salt spreaders are constructed with SnowEx’s heavy duty polyethylene construction and designed with other low maintenance features that make our spreaders durable and reliable.

SnowEx Tailgate Spreaders

Tailgate Spreaders: Tailgate Spreader Series

Model(s): SP100, SP1075X, SP125, SP1675, SP1875, SP225, SP325, SP575X and SR210

Tailgate spreaders are designed to mount to a standard 2-inch receiver hitch on pickups and SUVs, with kits available for use on ATVs, skid steers and other service vehicles.

Wireless Series

Installs quickly and operates wirelessly.
Ice management has never been easier than with SnowEx wireless tailgate spreaders. Simply mount the unit to a 2-inch receiver hitch and hook it up to a standard 7-pin plug. Then, you’re ready to operate with a pocket-sized wireless remote.

Utility Series

Adapts to a wide range of service vehicles.
SnowEx utility spreaders are extremely versatile units. Not only can they mount to a 2-inch receiver hitch, but there are also kits for attaching to utility vehicles and compact tractors.

Pro Series

Features high capacity and handles the toughest materials.
The Pro series tailgate spreaders from SnowEx are ideal for contractors servicing small accounts, as well as those who simply wish to free up their truck beds. These spreaders quickly mount to a standard 2-inch receiver hitch and provide precise application. For tough bulk materials, the Bulk Pro models feature SnowEx’s patented auger system, vibrator and dual variable speed controller.

SnowEx Utility Spreader

Utility Spreader: Two Behind Spreader Series

Model(s): SP-1225G and SP7000

SnowEx is a leader in salt spreading technology with our tow behind spreaders. The Tow Pro salt spreader is unlike anything else on the market, offering a sizable 1.4 cubic-yard capacity without the need to mount a large spreader in a truck bed.

This spreader, pulled behind a tractor or utility vehicle, gives you the salt spreading capability you want without the need to mount a large spreader in a truck bed. The Tow Pro spreader easily handles a wide variety of bulk materials and offers a 1.4-cubic-yard capacity, making it the ideal spreader for many off-highway applications such as parking garages, parking lots, courtyards, and school campuses.

All Tow-Pro spreader feature:

  • SnowEx’s patented auger system
  • Inverted “V” baffle
  • Polyethylene construction
  • Independent auger and spinner controls
  • Attached vibrator

SnowEx Tow Behind Spreader's heavy duty polyethylene construction and other low maintenance features ensure that they are durable and reliable.

SnowEx Utility Spreader

Utility Spreader: Dump Box Spreader Series

Model(s): SP2200 and SP2400

If you already have a dump truck, SnowEx makes snow and ice control easy. Turn your dump truck into a salt spreader with SnowEx’s line of replaceable-tailgate and under-tailgate spreaders. Our dump box spreaders provide you with exceptional capacity and all the standard benefits you expect from SnowEx.

All Dump Box spreaders feature:

  • Polyethylene construction
  • Patented auger system
  • Available in electric or hydraulic
  • Totally self-contained 12-volt electric drive/transmission
  • Universal mount kit
  • 2-year warranty

Save time and money by utilizing your current fleet of dump trucks as dump box salt spreaders with the power of SnowEx.

SnowEx Utility Spreader

Utility Spreader: Drop Pro Spreader Series

Model(s): SD1400 and SD600

The SnowEx line of Drop Pro Spreaders have capacities from 6 to 14 cubic feet, and are easily mounted on tractors, gators, and other utility vehicles.

All Drop Pro spreaders feature:

  • Inverted “V” baffle
  • Attached vibrator
  • Variable-speed, self-diagnosing digital controller
  • 3-Point mount
  • 2-year warranty

SnowEx Drop Pro spreaders are constructed from heavy duty polyethylene and designed with other low maintenance features that make our spreaders durable and reliable.

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