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Kubota are renowned for producing some of the most reliable machines on the planet, and guess what, their excavators are no exception. At this point you may be wondering what our parts people do all day, however, even Kubota haven't been able to design a machine that doesn't need servicing, and that's where we come in! We hold a vast array of service kits for the full Kubota range, and in the unlikely event of a breakdown, we have an extensive stock of key parts, plus a direct link through to Kubota UK.Rubber Tracks - Lister Wilder

We have been in the construction game long enough to know that most parts are needed 'yesterday' and we pride ourselves on the fast, efficient turn-around of orders. We also know that RRP is a dirty word! That's why, if you visit our showrooms, you'll find some cracking offers on buckets, pins bushes, tracks, hydraulic fittings, rigger boots, high-vis jackets and much, much more.


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