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Väderstad Culitvators and Rolls

Culitvators and Rolls: Carrier & TopDown Series

Model(s): 300-400 (Mounted / Trailed), 420-1225 & TopDown 300-900

Väderstad Drills

Drills: BioDrill, Carrier, Rapid, Seed H Series

Model(s): BioDrill 360, Carrier Drill 300S (Mounted/Trailed),Radpid 300-400C/S, A 400-800S & A600-800C, Seed Hawk 400-800C & Spirit 400-900S

Our driving force is to create flexible machines for soil tillage and drilling that do an excellent job whatever the cropping system used. All our drills carry out several operations in a single pass and have a high work capacity - everything to save time, energy and money. The long lifetime of our drills and their high resale value make them very cost effective and give a low machinery running cost.

Our concept of fewer passes and shallower cultivation favours good soil structure and increases earthworm numbers - a factor that is completely essential in maintaining and increasing soil fertility and yield capacity.

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