Massey Ferguson Testimonials

"It is the robustness of the extremely powerful engine, the user friendliness and the diesel consumption of the 8600 that continue to astound us".
Richard S

"The cab of the 7400 is a damn good place to work. The work environment has always been a factor in our purchase decisions. If you are working a 14 hour day, it’s a good feeling when you are happy to get back on the tractor the next day. It is also pleasantly quiet, although there is just enough noise that you don’t feel removed from the tractor and its workings as can happen in some other cabs"
Geoff Thomas

"The MF6470 is reliable and economical, with plenty of power. I’m very pleased – it uses a lot less diesel than I expected and much less than a similar sized tractor of another make that I’ve tried".
Clive Jones

"An important role for our M5480 is powering a hydraulically driven waste baler. We’ve specified Closed Centre Load Sensing hydraulics with 110l/min flow, which has improved cycle times considerably – we have gone from 35 minutes per bale to as little as 20 minutes. This generous hydraulic capacity has also speeded cycle times with our MF955 loader, which is used for tasks such as moving topsoil as well as in the waste recycling operation, and when working around the confines of the yard, the tractor is also highly manoeuvrable. This tractor ticks all the boxes – it is exactly what my business needs."
Mark Channell

"This is an ideal basic tractor for a dairy farm – easy to use, comfortable and with enough technology without being overcomplicated. The Dyna-4 transmission with its unique left hand shuttle its strongest feature. On the feeder wagon, there’s no need to use the clutch when feeding out and moving around the buildings – it’s really useful."
Jeremy Platt

"In the winter, we use the MF 4455 for yard work, feeding the livestock and operating a root chopper. It’s a very ‘tidy’ tractor to have around the farm – by that I mean small and compact for its level of horsepower. It’s highly manoeuvrable and great for getting around the buildings"
Peter Luttrell

"We wanted more control over our harvest and the ability to combine just when we wanted. The Activa was easy to learn and I picked up the controls very quickly"
Tim Gowling

"I’m really impressed with the 2100’s appetite. In straight-line straw baling, producing 600 kg bales, we achieved 27 bales in just 21 minutes, I also appreciate the simplicity of the machine. It is easy, for example, for operators to make adjustments in the field"
Keith Wilson




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