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Campey-Raycam Brushes

Brushes: Tractor Mounted Series

Model(s): Raycam Triple V Brush

The Raycam Triple V Brush is a tractor mounted implement for brushing in top dressing removing worm cast, standing up grass prior to mowing and general presentation on natural turf.

Campey-Raycam Dragmat

Dragmat: Raycam Dragmat Series

Model(s): Raycam Dragmat

Raycam Easy Drag Dragmats come in a variety of different sizes, and are available in heavyduty reinforced rubber or steel construction. Dragmats are ideal for rubbing-in top dressings, dew and clippings dispersal.

Campey-Raycam Grass Harrows

Grass Harrows: 3000 and 4500 Series

Model(s): Streigel Spring Tine Harrow

The Streigel Harrows are tractor mounted, surface groomers specifically developed for golf course fairways and sports fields.

Campey-Raycam Grass Harrows

Grass Harrows: Tractor Mounted Harrow Series

Model(s): Sports Field Harrows

The Raycam Sportsfield Harrow is a tractor mounted implement for aggressive surface grooming. It can be used on turf, for standing prone grasses, dragging out dead or dying organic matter, or creating a tilth prior to seeding.

Campey-Raycam Greensbrush

Greensbrush: Triplex Greensbrush Series

Model(s): Triplex Greensbrush

The Triplex Greensbrush is designed to mount directly to the front of most ride-on greens mowers to utilise the power and function of the mower to operate it.

Campey-Raycam Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous: Raycam Series

Model(s): UniRake

The Raycam UniRake is designed for and by leading groundsmen to accurately maintain natural and synthetic grass including hybrid surfaces. The UniRake offers high intensity grooming that can be calibrated in its severity.

Campey-Raycam Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous: Seed Bed Preparation Series

Model(s): Landscaper

Designed to construct a well graded, tilled and pulverized seed bed which is the first step to a healthy durable sward.

Campey-Raycam Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous: Line Marker Series

Model(s): LM3010 and LM3012

The Raycam LM3010 / LM3012 is a simple, durable and easy to operate liquid transfer line marker. Marking material is transferred from the 30ltr hopper to the 10cm or 12cm wide marking wheel by a grooved rubber roller, giving even, accurate lines

Campey-Raycam Overseeders

Overseeders: Tractor Mounted Series

Model(s): Aeraseeder

The Raycam Aeraseeders are a range of heavy-duty “2-in-1" overseeders designed for overseeding greens, tees, sportsfields & other similar fine turf surfaces, with minimal disruption to the existing sward.

Campey-Raycam Speedressers

Speedressers: Speedresser Series

Model(s): Speedresser 18 & 24 Models

The Raycam Speedresser 18 & 24 are bulk drop spredders, desgoigned to handle top dressing materials.  The 4 flotation tyres minimise the risk of turf damage compaction. Ideal for golf courses sports fields use, both with private clubs, local authorities and contractors.

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